Use BikoFundMe to

The best and easiest way to crowdfund in Nigeria. 

Share your dreams with millions of people to help you fund your cause to reality.


Convenient Payment

Largely many people can donate with bank transfer with an automated confirmation. No more skepticism.

High Conversion

With the payment method adopted by Biko, there is a high conversion rate in the number of people that will support your cause

Instant Settlement

Get access to your funds as soon as your supporters make a donation.

Easy Participation

No login is required for your supporters to donate and support your fundraising

Cheaper Commission

We charge only 3.5% of the amount raised while it’s free for supporters.

Project Insights

Monitor how your project is funded with our mobile version.

To succeed in your fundraising

You Need a Good Plan

Create Your Project

Make your intent and purpose for the crowdfunding very clear, and safe what it will achieve. Make it appealing to your target audience.

Have a Campaign Budget

Every successful campaign requires both organic and paid advertisement. Your goal will determine the type and amount of investment you will have to make in ads.

Assemble Campaign Team

You need a team of people to help you drive your campaign to success. Often you may need to make videos, graphics to drive the right traffic to your page.

About Us

BikoFundme is a simplified crowdfunding platform to raise funds for your project. We believe that the power of change lies in the hand of the multitude. Share your dreams with millions of people to help you fund your cause to reality.

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